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Staying (semi) Productive during lockdown.

Are you the laziest person in Ireland?

If there is one thing that I know for sure , it's that people are being extremely hard on themselves at the moment. They are facing an uncertain future and then they are beating themselves up that they haven't risen to the challenge and completely reinvented themselves. They have not allowed themselves to be OK with not feeling OK

or feeling a little unsettled, nervous, stressed and at times lethargic.

We have been told we can remain within 5km of our homes (as of today May 6th 2020). That doesn't mean we need to walk 5 km every day. We are now surrounded by a different daily routine, we have to home school, exercise, work, cook everyday, clean (even more than usual). We have to learn to adapt to change.

If you are self employed like me, you have the fear that everything you've worked towards in your business could have been a waste of time. If you are in employment, you may be wondering if you have a job to go back to. If you are a student studying your Leaving Cert, you don't know what you should be doing. If you are in college you have probably had to stay at home full time with your parents, leaving all your friends (and your social life behind)

If you are a graduate you may wonder what your job prospects are like? If you are an educator you may wonder what September is going to bring.

A lot of people that I've talked to recently are feeling a little stuck. Some days, I'm stuck myself.

Today however I was feeling productive, (Tomorrow it could be back to Netflix). I decided that I could actually share some of the knowledge that I have accumulated from interacting with businesses and hope to share a few useful resources. So here are a list of things you could learn or do to keep busy and to keep yourself distracted during "Lockdown".

1. Create or Update your Linkedin Account. Here is a workbook that I've worked on to help you with the task.

2. Create a signature for your email address. Using this handy tool.

3. Design a website using Strikingly

4, Learn how to design graphics for Social Media, using Canva.

5. Do some career tests and find out what job you should be doing.

6. Study at some of the top universities. Learn what a MOOC is.

I was going to do 10 points but figured you could also check out my other article that I wrote during a snowstorm.

on E-books, apps, language learning etc. Click here for that one.

Now I have to go back to getting thin, learning a new language,, cooking a healthy balanced meal, refereeing a few teenage fights, running a business and trying not to look at my uncoloured, badly cut new hairstyle.

Do feel free to get in touch or comment below. You will find me mostly on Twitter and Linkedin.

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