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5 skills you can learn while housebound.

There's a snow storm coming.

The next few days are going to be difficult. I mean you may get to sleep in, in the morning, not go to work and wrap up warm by the fire with Netflix on overdrive. You may get to drink hot chocolate with marshmallows and make snowmen. You may feel particularly protective of your pets and you may get reacquainted with your book collection.

The recent storms here, where we had no electricity or water, showed me how ill prepared we were for any kind of power outage or lack of water. The kids acted like the world had ended and the great 'lack of wifi' epidemic of 2018 will be talked about for years.

I'm going to assume that we manage to hang onto our power and give you a list of some fun things you can learn over the next few days.

1.Write an E-book.

This is an amazing site which allows you to create an E-book , it does all the heavy lifting. Its called Atavist

You can embed youtube videos, and digital newsletters and sign up options. It allows you to add photos, gives you a choice of font types, scroll styles and is really easy to use. Trust me I have looked at all the other tools out there and wasted my time, just so you could find this one.

2. Learn how to develop an app for android or IOS.

I recently took a course online on Thunkable. It's a brilliant site which will be used in the future to teach kids coding. There is a beginners course and an intermediate one. It is 100 per cent free and there are a wide array of tasks for you to complete. You can download their app and test your hard work to see if you have actually managed to design something. It's a great site. If you do choose to do this, there is a great teacher called Domhnall O Hanlon who has a youtube channel filled with great tutorials. You can find that here.

3. Learn a foreign language.

There are a number of apps and websites out there to help you learn a language. My personal favourite is Duolingo but here is a link to some more.

4. Make a Cartoon of your own photo.

This site gives you many options for changing your photos into cartoon and is really easy to use.

5. Write a Children's book.

The website comes with pre-designed animation and you just have to come up with the words to go with the story. I used this one Summer with my daughter and we send off for the hardback version of our finished product. It is totally satisfying to see a book with your own name on it. There is no pressure for you to become the next J.K Rowling but it allows you to experiment and find your style.

Why not give these a go. If you create something new during the freeze, Tweet me and use the #housebound . I can be contacted on Twitter at the following link. Do say hello.

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