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Things that will make your life easier and save you money.

I Promise

Why did I never know this.

Here are a few tips that may not change your life drastically but they will certainly make you wonder why you never knew them before.

  1.  How do  you know what side of a car your petrol cap is on? Easy obviously if you are driving the same car all the time. What if you regularly hire a car or drive other people's cars? Then you need to learn about this. Look at the arrow to the side of the fuel pump sign , like in the picture below. Don't know how I never spotted it before.

2.How do you know what theme a person is using on their website?

You can use a site like and if its not a wordpress one it will identify which provider probably designed it.


3.How do you know who owns a website or if it's likely to be a legitimate one? or if the person is a longtime in business or two weeks or so? Then check out.

4. How to do you stop receiving spam without spending two days to unsubscribe from it. This site. will tell you everything you have subscribed to and with a few ticks it will unsubscribe you and set you free.

5. Last but not least if you are travelling in Eurpope check out these three fabulous sites, to help you get anywhere. For train travel, this saved me a packet, and for anyone going by bus on a budget,

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